As you peruse our website, it is our hope that you get a sense of our Broughton community; a place where we connect, create and celebrate together.

Our school motto is Life Through Christ, and our students are taught the Broughton Best values of respect, integrity, diligence and compassion.

We value a strong partnership between home and school, working together to enable our students to receive a quality education, including access to a wide variety of co-curricular opportunities.

The local population of Menangle Park is growing, with new estates being developed. Set on 27 hectares, our students and staff have lots of green space to enjoy.

It is our aim to:

Connect our students:

  • to a strong academic and cocurricular program.
  • to the process of teaching and learning which engages, develops and challenges them.
  • to a wide variety of cocurricular opportunities which allows them to develop and showcase the gifts and talents that God has given them.
  • to the technological world in which they live, enabling them to maximise the opportunities they will have as members of a connected global community.
  • to the community in which we live within Broughton Anglican College, at a local level and at a national and international level.
  • to an understanding of how wonderful it is to have a life through Christ.

Create an environment that gives:

  • opportunities in teaching and learning for all students, allowing them to achieve their potential.
  • opportunities for students to be creative and innovative.
  • students a wide range of opportunities in our Music, band, choral, drama and musical programs.
  • opportunities for students to participate in our sporting programs and represent the College at all levels.
  • opportunities for students to express, model and grow in their faith.


  • every student’s progress and achievement in their academic and cocurricular programs.
  • the achievement of our students through assemblies, our House Tutor program, Broughton Bests, Presentation Events etc.
  • as members of our community come to know Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

I invite you to book a tour for you to come and experience what a special place Broughton Anglican College is.

Timothy Hewitt

‘At Broughton Anglican College our vision is to provide a dynamic supportive learning environment, underpinned by the Christian faith and with a focus on a strong academic curriculum.’