Campbelltown Anglican Schools Council

The Council consists of ten members (volunteers) who are elected by either the Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney or the Parish Council of Campbelltown Anglican Churches. The Senior Minister of Campbelltown Anglican Churches is an ex officio member of the Council.

The constituted primary objects of the Council are to educate young people in ways consistent with the teachings of the Bible, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and the doctrines of the Anglican Church in Australia, and to maintain and uphold the Christian faith in teaching and practice.

The primary duty of the Council is to determine the Strategic objectives and direction to ensure the core purpose is achieved.

The Council also manages and monitors risk and compliance, reviews management progress towards Strategic objectives, approves and monitors budgets and appoints Senior staff.

The current Council Members are as follows:
Mrs Megan Blencowe (Chair)
Rev Nigel Webb (Deputy Chair)
Mr Ben Stelzer (Honorary Treasurer)
Mr Ian Gannell
Mr Joshua Ioannidis
Rev Jason Veitch
Mr George Watts

The Executive Head and other Executive Members of staff attend meetings of the Council by invitation and report to the Council, however, are not members of the Council and do not vote on matters before the Council.

Campbelltown Anglican Schools Executive Staff Structure

Mr Andrew Middleton, the Executive Head of Campbelltown Anglican Schools under the delegated authority of the Council has the responsibility for the leadership of our organisation including Broughton, St Peter’s Anglican Grammar, St Peter's Heart, and Corporate Services.