Broughton Anglican College is a ministry of St Peter’s Anglican Church, Campbelltown.

Within the framework of a distinctly Christian and caring environment, the College seeks to maintain a high standard of excellence through the promotion of an academically strong and innovative community.

Broughton Anglican College seeks to provide a dynamic supportive learning environment, underpinned by the Christian faith and with a focus on a strong academic curriculum and to develop its community into Christ focused lifelong learners, who lead a lifestyle that honours God and serves others. Our Vision Statement

Unique aspects of the College

Pre Kinder to Year 12

Broughton is a non-selective, coeducational College that caters for students from 4 year olds (Pre Kinder) right through to Year 12 which seeks to accommodate students of all ages and abilities regardless of background: academic, culture or religion.

Academic Credibility

Broughton maintains a fine tradition of academic success, having been listed among the top schools in the Macarthur District in the Higher School Certificate (HSC) results.

Distinctly Christian

As a Christian school, Broughton incorporates a Christian world view of teaching and learning into all aspects of the College curriculum. The College has a Chaplain (P-12) and Assistant Chaplain and has a policy of employing committed Christians with an active faith.

Spacious and Rural Environment

Students learn in a safe, clean and attractive country setting, with Broughton situated on 27 hectares of land under the heritage listed Mount Sugarloaf. Broughton is neighboured by the Sugarloaf Horse Centre and is in close proximity to the metropolitan centres of Camden and Campbelltown.


STEM education is the learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an interdisciplinary or integrated approach. Broughton students engage in STEM activities from Junior School and are already thinking critically and innovatively as they move into the Senior School. STEM education creates critical thinkers, increases science literacy, and enables the next generation of innovators. STEM is important because it pervades every part of our lives. Teaching STEM provides a curriculum that has real-life applications to help students learn.

STEM education has a number of key elements that are each incorporated at Broughton:

  • Inquiry learning in authentic real-world contexts that allow students to see the power and purpose of STEM fields
  • Integration of inter-disciplinary learning with project-based learning
  • Team-based challenges that require students to take on specialist STEM roles
  • Specific development and integration of STEM skills, including numeracy, coding, digital and creative thinking skills
  • Student-centred partnerships with local STEM organisations and professionals


Broughton introduced a Football Academy in 2015 and in 2017 implemented a Football Development Program and Fitness Program. Read more information about these programs below.

Broughton Football Academy

The Broughton Football Academy aims to develop the football skills and enjoyments of all students involved in football activities within the College. Representative teams throughout the College are selected to participate in weekly training sessions in preparation for a number of tournaments throughout the year. Mr Norm Boardman, technical director of the Macarthur Football Association and his team of coaches work with each of the Colleges representative football teams in order to improve the quality of these teams and see them compete to a high standard. The College representative teams are encouraged to conform to a similar football philosophy through regular training and tactics sessions in order to ensure all representative teams progress and students can move between the various teams when required. Students may also benefit from being part of the representative teams through information about local representative trials, representative team vacancies and private academy session offers.

Football Development Program

The Football Development Academy is led by Mr Norm Boardman, the technical director of the Macarthur Football Association and his team of qualified and experienced coaches. Students across the entire College have the opportunity to participate in one session per week before school with the aim of encouraging students to develop their football skills while learning to enjoy football and other physical activity. The first and most important factor of planning sessions for the Football Development Program is to ensure students learn to enjoy the game of football, by encouraging students to enjoy the game skill development is more successful. These sessions are graded to ensure students are learning alongside other students of similar abilities, with all students focusing on the basic skills of football in order to provide a platform for further development when appropriate.

Fitness Program

Senior school students at Broughton have the opportunity to participate in weekly fitness and healthy lifestyle classes. These sessions take place four days a week with a qualified personal trainer and nutritional adviser and focus on teaching students the necessary skills to improve their own quality of life by engaging in regular physical activity as well as learning about making sensible food choices. Each term this program has resulted in great progress for the students involved, showing improved physical performance as well as a better understanding of healthy life choices. This program utilises small class sizes in order to cater the program to each participant, with each student receiving a personalised program for their own development.

Musicals and Theatre

The College has a strong tradition of Theatre productions and Musicals, which fosters a sense of community as students work together in multiple roles both on stage and off. Musicals are performed every year alternating between Junior School and Senior School.