Broughton Anglican College is an outreach ministry of Campbelltown Anglican Church and a service to the Macarthur community.

Debating and Public Speaking

Students from Year 5 through to Year 12 have the opportunity to engage in a wide range of debating and public speaking events whilst at Broughton. The co-curricular program includes taking part in both the HICES and MISA Debating Competitions in which students challenge teams from other schools across the Macarthur region to debate various topics, according to their age division. Additionally, students attend a number of preparatory skill development workshops at the University of Wollongong and other MISA colleges. Broughton’s debating squad grows annually both in participant numbers and successes in these competitions.

Public Speaking opportunities are also available to students as individuals in events which take in a wide scope of challenges. There are local, interschool and community based programs which run and promote public speaking for students through occasions such as the United Nations Voice Competition, the Rostrum Voice of Youth Competition and the MISA Student of the Year Quests. Broughton students are invariably commended on their manner, effort and presentation as they represent the college in all debating and public speaking events, as recipients of awards or gracious competitors.

Mock Trial

The NSW Law Society's Mock trial competition is a school based competition supported by professionals working within the Legal profession. The competition is an inter-school competition and requires participating schools to act as either the prosecution/plaintiff or defence and formulate a case based on a matter provided by the Law Society. Broughton Anglican College has been participating in the competition for many years and have benefited from the opportunity to analyse case law, apply legal concepts and terminology. The NSW Law Society's Mock trial competition is enjoyed by Year 11 Legal Studies and Year 10 Commerce students.

Science Club

Science club is an exciting opportunity for students to participate in additional experiments and demonstrations. We are running science club in two different styles.

The regular group meets once a fortnight and teachers lead the students through an experiment and discuss the importance of the underlying concepts. Recent sessions have carried out the following experiments nitrate flash, burning ice, dry ice explosions, liquid nitrogen with super conductors, and convection currents.

An extension group meets once a week and exists to support, encourage and mentor students to complete their own independent science projects. Students who attend these meetings will often choose one (or many) of the external competitions, award schemes, or courses to complete and will receive support and mentoring from the science staff. Recently students attending the extension group have completed SPECTRA awards, CREST projects, online tertiary courses in genetics, and others have entered the Brain Bee competition, crystal growing competitions, and sleek geeks eureka prizes.

Many of our students have gone on from these groups to achieve outstanding results in state and national competitions, and some have been awarded prestigious scholarships.

Robotics Club

The aim of Robotics Club is to have fun and learn new skills through the building of robots. Serving as an introduction to Mechatronics, students will gain experience in electrical construction, mechanical construction and computer programming using the arduino and ESP8266 platforms. It is suitable for boys and girls in years 7 and 8. Although our projects change from year to year, past construction has included hexapods, line following robots and maze following robots. Students will learn how to solder and how to code a microcontroller. Meetings are held after school one afternoon per week.

RAGE & Bible Study Groups

Broughton Anglican College is a place where students have the opportunity to grow a robust and real faith in Jesus. Not only does this happen in the Biblical Studies classroom, but it extends to the Christian Fellowship groups too.

RAGE is the core Christian community group in our college. RAGE stands for “Revolve Around God Everyday”, and it’s a vibrant time of fun and fellowship. At RAGE, students in Years 7-12 take the time to read the Bible, say a prayer, chat with their friends and have some fun. RAGE enjoys meeting together every Thursday lunch time, but a major highlight of the year is when the group spends the weekend together at the annual RAGE camp. Over a couple of days, the RAGE community enjoys good games, good food, good fellowship and good Bible teaching. RAGE camp is an opportunity to get to know each other better and to encourage each other to grow more in knowledge and faith of Jesus Christ.

Students from RAGE also meet each Friday for a weekly prayer group. It’s a time where students remember that because God is sovereign, we can trust him in prayer. As students pray, they do so for their world, community, school, families and friends.

Every student in the College also has the opportunity to be involved in age specific Bible studies. Every student from Year 7 to Year 12, has at least one opportunity a week to gather with their peers, in small groups, to read the Bible. Under the guidance of teachers, students at Broughton enjoy the great freedom to read and apply God’s word - the Bible.