The choice of school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. Broughton Anglican College welcomes enrolment enquiries and applications for girls and boys from Pre Kinder to Year 12.

Please see the following steps for enrolment to the College:

Step 1. Enquiry

Complete the online enquiry form available here:

We will then contact you to confirm your details and answer any questions you may have about the College. We will also send you a link to the Online Application Form.

Step 2. Application

Complete the online Application for Enrolment form. We will need to following:

  1. Copy of student’s birth certificate;
  2. Copy of official immunisation history, available online from Medicare;
  3. Copies of student’s last two school/preschool reports and NAPLAN report (not applicable for students applying for Pre Kinder or Kindergarten);
  4. Copy of Family Court orders (if applicable);
  5. Where applicable, copies of additional educational or medical assessment reports which are relevant to the student’s educational needs;
  6. Visa details of students not born in Australia or are not Australian Citizens;
  7. Enrolment Application Fee of $50.00 (non-refundable and payable online as part of the application process).

The submission of an Application for Enrolment Form enables the student to be placed on a waiting list. Prospective families will be contacted when and if a place becomes available.

The College does not guarantee an offer of a place will be made.

Step 3. Invitation

Upon receipt of the Application for Enrolment form and accompanying documentation, the student will be placed on our waiting list of applicants for the relevant year of entry. The College will then invite parents and students to an Enrolment Interview.

Step 4. Enrolment Interview

Before a place is offered, we will invite you and your child to attend an Enrolment Interview.

This interview is an opportunity to discuss the daily activities at the College and to allow parents and students to raise any questions. The enrolment interview is a key stage in the enrolment process and one or both parents should attend along with the student.

Please note: Not all students who are interviewed will be offered a place.

Step 5. Offer of Enrolment

Following the interview process, the Headmaster will notify you of the result of your Enrolment application. Subject to the outcome of the interview and availability of placements, a letter offering a placement will be emailed to the parents. Enrolment is offered in accordance with the College’s Enrolment Policy.

Step 6. Acceptance of Offer

To accept the student’s placement at the College, you will be required to complete and return the online Acceptance of Offer form together with the non-refundable Enrolment Fee of $700.00 within 14 days (or as stated in the letter of offer).

The Enrolment Fee is a non-refundable fee which is required to be paid to demonstrate the firm intention of parent/guardians to take up a place held for the student for commencement on a nominated date. To decline the student’s placement at the College, a written letter declining the position is required within 21 days or earlier.

Step 7. Commencement Details

You will be notified of the student’s orientation day (where applicable), commencement date, and other relevant details in the term prior to commencement.