Broughton Anglican College provides a variety of innovative, creative and collaborative programs from Pre-K to Year 6.

Teachers and Specialist Teachers provide quality learning opportunities as they engage children in the Key Learning Areas mandated by the NSW Education Standards Authority.

Students become engaged in their learning at Broughton Anglican College through the use of 21st Century Learning Strategies.

This is a combination of explicit teaching and the Implementation of thinking strategies as students apply foundational learning skills to the Key Learning Areas of English, Mathematics, Geography, History, Science, The Creative Arts and Personal Development Health.

Teachers encourage a love of learning, curiosity and engagement through guided inquiry, visible thinking routines, action research and strength based learning.

Students are encouraged to think critically and creatively as they explore universal themes and begin to construct meaning of the world in which they live.

Children are supported and nurtured through the learning process by the classroom teacher and provided with support, enrichment and challenges that meet the individual needs of the learner. Students are encouraged to have a growth mindset as they endeavor to take on new learning experiences and challenges.