Broughton has outstanding facilities. Everyday learning for students is in air-conditioned comfort and over 90% of Broughton’s classrooms are permanent single story brick buildings.

Camping Program


A significant part of the pastoral care program at Broughton is the camping program. At the start of the year, Year 7 go on camp and engage in a variety of hands-on, high-energy and exciting activities which help them to get to know each other and get to know their own strengths. The purpose of the camp is to provide an opportunity for the students to develop friendships and a sense of belonging to both their school and their year group as well as equip them with the organisational skills essential for their life in high school. Camp is a great place for Year 7 students to demonstrate who they are and what they believe in.


Year 8 camp aims to provide learning experiences which challenge students to develop a holistic approach to life within an outdoor environment in a caring community. It looks at creating and maintaining positive relationships. The camp activities planned consolidate Year 8’s studies in PDHPE, Christian Studies and the overall Pastoral Care Program. The planned activities require students to exhibit teamwork and to develop closer relationships as they meet the new challenges on camp. Underpinning all that we do will be the Christian Discovery Program and link to our Pastoral Care Programs at the college.


The Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme is a non-competitive program for 14 to 25 year olds which helps develop self-confidence, practical skills, an awareness of community service, resourcefulness, initiative, self-reliance, teamwork and an understanding of the importance of physical activity. At Broughton, this scheme is run for students from Years 9-12 as well as many alumni aiming to complete the program.

Students have the opportunity to complete three levels of the award-Bronze, Silver and Gold, depending on the time commitment and the age of the participant. The Bronze and Silver levels involve four section which must be completed- skills, community service, physical recreation and adventurous journey. Students undertaking the Gold award complete the same four sections as well as a residential project. Each of these sections encourages students to engage in new activities and set achievable but challenging goals. Unlike most subjects at school, there is no set curriculum meaning participants are free to cater the program to suit their needs, interests and abilities.

Each year Broughton has a large number of students participating across all three levels of the scheme with the large majority being award a Bronze, Silver or Gold medallion in recognition of their achievements.