Broughton Anglican College is an outreach ministry of Campbelltown Anglican Church and a service to the Macarthur community.


A highlight of the College is our Chapel program. Every student in the Senior School attends a fortnightly chapel. Each Semester our College Chaplain leads students through a series of short Bible talks. Students are led by their peers in prayers, songs and testimonies. From time to time students also hear from Christian alumni, local youth ministers or other special guests. Chapel is a wonderful opportunity for students to grow in their faith and to also get taste of what it’s like to be a part of the Jesus' community - the Church.

Gifted Education Program

Broughton Anglican College recognises the diverse needs of gifted learners and has procedures in place to identify them and implement programs in addressing their needs. The College offers a range of enrichment programs for our gifted population including the provision of a Gifted Education Coordinator, counselling with a trained psychologist, career education, scholarship program, acceleration programs (including subject, grade , early entry), ability grouping practices (extension classes, cluster grouping, graded groups) differentiation of programs, specific extension and enrichment strategies, tracking system, Individual interviews, case meetings, Extra-Curricular activities, specialised programs, Competitions (national, state and local), mentoring and links with community organisations.

Learning Support Program

The Learning Support staff assist students in the Senior School with specific learning needs. Support is provided in class, in small groups and one to one tutoring where needed. The support provided aims to encourage students to develop skills that will help them to be independent learners. These skills include comprehension, problem solving and organisational practices, all of which are used on a day to day basis in all classes.

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths)

STEM at Broughton is rapidly evolving as we continue to explore new ways to integrate Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics into authentic real-world contexts. The College offers a STEM Scholarship for students in Year 7 and Year 11.

The annual STEM Festival is where students demonstrate their exceptional achievements in science projects, robotics creations, app challenges, technology displays and artworks. Representatives from external STEM related organisations attend including Sydney University, University of New South Wales, Macarthur Astronomical Society, ANSTO, Ingham Institute, Education Perfect and local Councils.

Students participate in events and competitions through CSIRO, the University of Sydney, UOW STEM Camp for Girls, Engineers Australia Women in Engineering Conference, ANU GET Set Conference and the Australian Science Teachers Association.

STEM is significantly supported by many extra curricular groups that meet within the College including Science Club, Robotics Club, Maths Club and extension Science Club.

Guided Inquiry

To enable and assist with the integration of information literacy into a unit of work and to develop research and inquiry skills, Guided Inquiry is promoted and collaboratively taught with the assistance of our Teacher Librarian. Classes from both Junior and Senior School integrate Guided Inquiry into their units of work. The College also collaborates with researchers from Charles Sturt University. In 2017 two researchers along with our Teacher Librarian conducted research into how our Year 9 students use and perceive Guided Inquiry across two subject areas, in this case, PDHPE and Humanities. This study will be shared internationally through academic papers in journals and international conferences.