The College has implemented a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program for students from Year 5 to Year 12.

Technology plays an important role in our students’ lives and can be used to enrich and enhance students’ engagement in the teaching and learning process.

Personal Devices are used by students in all areas of their lives, be it in or out of school. They give users the opportunity to access the vast resources of the internet at which time they determine the value of the resource. Valued resources form part of the student’s personal learning environment (PLE) allowing students to customise and optimise a learning space consisting of the online tools most valued by the user.

At Broughton we aim to facilitate this relationship by providing the technologies which allow students 24 - 7 connectivity to a preferred learning environment. These technologies include access to the intranet, internet and College information technology resources.

The College is committed to developing in students an understanding that technology has made significant positive contributions to our world and the learning environment. We also seek to ensure that students have a responsibility to use technology in a manner which reflects the value of the College. God has provided us with the knowledge and resources to become global citizens and learners, with the ability to use technology in His service and in the various roles that He has planned for us to follow.